In China, A Competition Where People Use Helicopters To Open Beer Bottles

The China Helicopter Tournament tests a pilot’s skills by making him perform the amazing feat of opening five beer bottles with a helicopter. During this segment of the competition, pilots were given eight minutes to open five beer bottles with an opener tied to the helicopter’s skid. Although this may sound ridiculous, it does take a lot of finesse to even open one, as the video below shows. Sadly, the pilot did not score any points for opening that bottle as it was damaged in the process. There are many other unique and extreme ways to open a beer bottle, but this is certainly the most over-the-top one. 

Artist Brings Banksy’s Street Art To Life As Animated GIFs

Mind Blowing Indoor Projection Mapping Takes Educational Donors on a Virtual Voyage

To launch Simon Fraser University’s 50th Anniversary celebrations, the institution, known to be one of the most engaging educational groups in Canada, relied on a spectacular Experiential Projection Mapping to promote their new fundraising campaign.

 Using the back wall of the theatre as a surface, the projection transformed a block wall and three wooden columns into a hidden brick room, an underground train station and the window of a flying craft that took guests on a journey from campus to campus. All culminating with amazing digital fireworks display, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of SFU.   

The 3D renderings were created in Cinema 4D placing special attention and level of detail to the campuses spread across 3 cities. Because of the complexity and resolution of the landscape and buildings, the average time to render the each frame was almost 20 minutes.

 While most companies think of Projection Mapping requiring large budgets and projecting onto entire buildings, the SFU successful indoor mapping is a good example of how it can be successfully scaled down whilst keeping the experience engaging and very impacting. 

As the institution celebrates its history, using innovative and ground-breaking technology was a way to look ahead and bring a futuristic touch to their fundraising campaign. Moreover, this was a highly creative concept integrated into a fundraising campaign, that captivated everyone who was part of the event.

14 Mind Blowing Food Art Photographs

German art director Sarah Illenberger has a great eye for spotting various objects or even word puns in something as ordinary as fruits and vegetables. In her “Strange Fruits” project a slice of watermelon starts raining seeds, pomegranate turns into an actual grenade, and chilli peppers become the flame of a lighter (because they’re hot - get it?).

“Whatever she creates, it is done with a humorous touch and a great love for detail,” writes German publicist about Sarah on her website. “Each assignment leads to a unique work of art, sometimes visually enhancing the content of a feature, sometimes to be considered a work in its own right.”