Google’s awesome doodle: A haunted house for Halloween

Today is Halloween and Google’s doodle for the day is generating a lot of buzz online. The doodle represents a Haunted House, with a 4 doors and the number 13 written on top.Like some other Doodles, this one is interactive as well and each time you open the door you get to meet the spook residents of this house. Oh and there’s eerie background playing in the background as well, with a door creaking and a ghost going oooooooo. You can click on the doodle though if you want to turn off the sound. So who do you get to meet in the Google Doodle? 

On the extreme right door is the blue one-eyed octopus which stands for ‘G’ in the Google logo. The next door has a pair of red and yellow eyes which represent the two ‘Os’. The next is veiled ghost, kind of like the dead haunted brides in ghost stories and this one is shaped like a ‘G’ is a veiled ghost. In the cage, next to it is the L, which looks like Frankenstein, if you click on it, the monster disappears. The last door has a super-evil smiley face that turns into a monster representing the ‘E’.

Also don’t miss the skeleton on the door, which does some pretty fancy tricks. There is also a black alley cat, and if you click on it, it jumps out runs across the doodle and takes you the search result page with Halloween. Oh and the crows caws when you click on it.

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