Kentucky Breastfeeding Ad Is a Bit Long in the Tooth Makes Oreo ad seem positively normal

If you were disturbed by yesterday's Oreo breastfeeding ad from South Korea, here's a recent pro-breastfeeding commercial from Kentucky that will convince you that America is keeping up in the weird department. The Louisville, Ky., mayor's Healthy Hometown initiative has been trying to promote breastfeeding among African-American women—with a talking baby whose giant teeth and computerized death-rictus smile are way more frightening than cute. She looks and moves like a Ralph Steadman caricature of a baby. Visuals like this get in the way of the message, ya know? On the plus side, this baby has a future as the next milkaholic in the E*Trade baby campaign. Also interesting is the campaign's website, if only because it links to a blog called Blacktating, which is easily the best pun I've ever heard.

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