Today’s Google Doodle Features Slalom Canoe; Third Interactive Doodle In A Row

With the help of Google’s unique interactive doodles for this Olympics season you have got a chance to run a 110m hurdle race and play basketball. Now it’s time to get into the water with slalom canoe. By now you know that to play the doodles you have to head over to the Google homepage and press play. This game will also bring pain to your fingers as you have to row by using left and right keys and for navigating across the gates you have to use the up and down arrows. 

As you might know slalom canoe involves either an individual or a doubles team making their way across a 250m long white water stretch across many gates. If you have been following the games closely you might notice that this Google doodle has appeared after this event was over. 

Previous two doodles were made available to the users on the day when the events were taking place. So go ahead, play this game and post your scores here for us to see.

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