Classified The Series

A Range Rover Evoque Film Series

Classified The Series is a five-episode web series directed by Ali Mostafa and produced by Boomtown Productions and Filmworks. Classified series is produced by Land Rover to celebrate the launch of the Range Rover Evoque into the Middle East. Directed by Emirati film maker Ali F. Mostafa, the online series follows a group of three friends through a number of action-packed scrapes and adventures around the region. 

In a bold move away from traditional product placement, Land Rover worked with Ali Mostafa to create a thrilling and exciting online film series in which the car is featured as a main character, with an integral role in the overall storyline. Classified The Series is a dramatic thriller miniseries, produced with the same standards of a feature film, including suspense, action, drama as well as elements of humour. 

“Classified” follows the story of Adam, a young Egyptian expat in the UAE, whose life is turned into a week-long road trip across the GCC, when he gets a mysterious phone call from a man who tells him his life in danger unless he follows the clues left to him by his dead scientist-father. Enlisting the help of his two friends Badr and Fadi, Adam gets by some clichédly close and stereotypically silly scrapes with the “unknown” bad guys who are following the trio. Of course, the cryptic codes are too easily broken by Fadi, who is the ‘computer’ geek of the group because he wears glasses, has a Mac book and oh yeah, carries an USB SD Card reader wherever he goes.  In episode five, we see the three friends Adam, Badr and Fadi back in Dubai as their quest to solve the mystery comes to a dramatic conclusion. The friends are led to a rendezvous point by the mystery man, during which they are also introduced to another man in a suit, played by director Mostafa. 

Ali Mostafa has done an excellent job portraying the Range Rover Evoque as an integral part of the story. Cruising through the sandy dunes of the UAE deserts or the busy streets of Manama, the Evoque looks like a brilliant companion for adventureNaturally, the 2012 Range Rover Evoque is the real star of the show as it takes on terrain that leaves other vehicles in the dust. You get to see a lot of the Evoque’s features in action, including the Surround Camera system, the Evoque’s off-road abilities, puddle lights, navigation system, and the glass panel roof.

Classified The Series will be your kind of thing if you like your long format commercials to have a flair for intrigue, a good amount of action, a few car chases, and a bit of humor.  The film is half in English and half in Arabic, with the actors switching between the two languages on the fly. Both languages are subtitled as appropriate, and after a couple of minutes this convention slips into the background and you don’t really notice it if you mange to find yourself wrapped up in the story. Speaking of, we thought the story is interesting, the script was written, the production values were top-notch, and the acting wasn’t bad.  

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