War Child: Awesome Campaign


War Child: Where childhood thrives, war does not.
Advertising Agency: John St, Toronto, Canada

Awesome Cross-Platform Interactive Youtube Video from Nivea


Emily is on a first date with her dream guy. What could possibly go wrong? You decide in this cross-platform, interactive YouTube video where you can click anything in the scene to cause a stressful situation.

URL: http://www.youtube.com/niveauk

Advertising Agency: Agency Republic, London, United Kingdom
Creative Director: Alistair Campbell
Art Director: Jason Keet
Copywriter: James Hodson
Director: Ben Gregor
Production Company: Knucklehead

Ogilvy Dubai Creates The World’s First Tastable Print Ad


Taste, in every sense, is a personal thing. It has to be directly experienced to be completely understood, appreciated, sought for and subscribed to. For a beverage like Fanta which is relatively known for its unique orange taste, introducing a new “more orange-y” flavor – is undeniably, vague. No matter how much we described it. The product had to be tried, thus the necessary means of sampling. By creating the world's first tastable print ad, OgilvyOne Dubai enabled the audience to immediately and directly react and respond. Average and forgettable sampling was transformed into an innovative medium using print media to showcase the taste. This allowed for curious people to tear and try the new taste of Fanta straight from the print ad without having to drink it.

The copy in the poster and ads reads like this :

“Like a burst of sunshine through a cool wisp of wind, it’s sweet and tangy, surprising and juicy. It tickles like a delicious secret that you cannot bear to share. And how lush it feels at every sip, like an instant whiff of a fresh bouquet of flowers in spring! With a quick sharp jolt of tart and a sudden burst of sugary-citrusy-sweetness, it leaves your tongue tingling pleasantly. Then, it curls deliciously around your taste buds, tantalizing your imagination & ripples happily down your spine. Are you still with us? Great! Cause we would like you to try Fanta’s new taste, deliciously orange. Yes, right now! Just tear off a piece of this page pop in your mouth & enjoy a Fanta by tasting this ad!”

Nicolaus Copernicus Google Doodle Celebrates Heliocentrism

I was in for a surprise when I opened the Google Search home page! Another colourful doodle this morning and its not a static one like yesterday's but an animated doodle with the solar system and the planets floating around.

Today is the 540th birthday of Nicholas Copernicus and Google decided to honor him with an animated doodle. Nicolas Copernicus is credited with forming the comprehensive mathematical heliocentric model and his book De revolutionibus orbium coelestium (On the Revolutions of the Celestial Spheres) is considered one of the most important works in the history of science. After the publication of Celestial Spheres, the so-called Copernican Revolution began, ushering the world into the Scientific Revolution. Copernicus, a true Renaissance Man, served as a mathematician, astronomer, Catholic cleric, artist, physician and economist.

People who thought that the Sun revolved around the earth and other planets will understand the principle of Heliocentrism and that fact that it is the Earth and other planets that revolve around the sun. 

You've often heard the term "Multi-disciplinarian" thrown around. It is often an over used or misused word. But there are a few people in this world who can be defined only by the term" Multi-disciplinarian." One such person is Nasir al Din al Tusi, a Persian polymath and prolific writer: an architect, astronomer, biologist, chemist, mathematician, philosopher, physician, physicist, scientist and theologian. His birthday falls on 18th February- today and Google Arabia decided to honor one of the greatest of later Persian scholars with a lovely doodle. He died on 26 June 1274

20 Mind Blowing Heart Logo Ideas Inspired by Valentines Season

Here's an inspirational collection is heart logo ideas inspired by Valentines season. The common denominator of these logo designs is the used of heart shape for their logo illustration.

30 Mind Blowing Valentine Logo Design Featuring Heart Symbols

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, here’s a collection of Valentine logo design examples featuring heart symbols to rejoice the essence of love and giving. All of the logo designs present in this collection is presenting itself by means of the heart shape – a symbol of love which is perfect for Valentine season. Let’s celebrate the whole Valentine season by having this inspirational set of Valentines logo for you to browse.