30 Mind Blowing Posters Against Travel Restrictions For HIV Affected People

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, governments and the private sector have implemented travel restrictions with regard to HIV positive people wishing to enter or remain in a country for a short stay (e.g. business, personal visits, tourism) or for longer periods (e.g. asylum, employment, immigration, refugee resettlement, or study). According to data collected by the European AIDS Treatment Group, a total of 74 countries have some form of HIV-specific travel restrictions, 12 of which ban HIV positive people from entering for any reason or length of time. The most common reasons used are to protect public health and to avoid possible costs associated with care, support and treatment of people living with HIV. 

Looks aren't everything. Believe me, I'm a model. Inspiring talk by Cameron Russell

Cameron Russell admits she won "a genetic lottery": she's tall, pretty and an underwear model. But don't judge her by her looks. In this fearless talk, she takes a wry look at the industry that had her looking highly seductive at barely 16-years-old. (Filmed at TEDxMidAtlantic.)

30 Most Powerful Poverty Alleviation Posters Ever Made.

1.2 Billion people live on less than U.S. $1 dollar a day and over nine million people die worldwide each year because of hunger. Approximately 1.2 Billion people suffer from hunger. Since poverty leads to hunger, poverty must be alleviated to alleviate hunger.

Here are some Mind Blowing ideas in posters that highlight this cause. 

Fat Can't Hide! Fitness Center Ads Where People Try To Hide Fats With Body Painting.

German, Hamburg-based advertising agency Kolle Rebbe has come up with a series of funny print advertisement for fitness center Kingdom of Sports entitled ‘Fat Can’t Hide’. The ads feature three obese men who have a fanny pack, a sack of cement and a lifesaver float painted over their midsections in hilariously unsuccessful attempts to hide their fats. The message is simple, “work it out, work it off” at the Kingdom of Sports. 

A small startup wants to make urban living better by controlling excessive horn use in cars

Indiscriminate honking is abuse. A brilliant start up called the Briefcase(www.brief-case.co) from Mumbai, India wants to make urban living better by controlling excessive horn use in cars. Designed by Anand Damani and Mayur Tekchandaney, Bleep is a red button with a frowning face near the steering wheel that’s rigged to the car in a way that it beeps repeatedly when you honk. To silence the button, you have to press it. They tested it on around 30 people of varied ages over a period of six months. By inserting a microchip, they were able to measure how much the individual honked before and after using Bleep. In every case, instances of honking came down by more than 60%.

Varun Agarwal: From failing in engineering to co-founding a million-dollar company

First Man To Wear A Sanitary Napkin Has An Epic Story To Tell.

HUVr: Hoverboard Viral Video Fake or Real?

25 Mind Blowingly Creative Bus Stop Advertisements

A great way to gain exposure for your product or service is to advertise at bus stops. People have to wait until the bus arrives and do not have too much to do besides waiting. But also drivers and pedestrians get attracted by bus stop advertisements.

Australian Post: Stamp

Yahoo Mail Surprises Users On Valentine's Day with Pre-Made Messages

Yahoo Mail is having some fun these days and it keeps adding cute features everyday. The latest one is quite fun to play with. Since it is Valentines, Yahoo has introduced a small heart icon right next to the Compose button. 

By pressing it, you’ll get some holiday specific letters. You can have Yahoo Mail auto compose you a message under three categories – “Crazy in Love,” “Friendly in Love,” and “All Out of Love.”

Depending on what you choose, Yahoo will compose an e-mail for you, which can lead to pretty hilarious messages. While love messages will start with various endearments, those sent under the “Friendly in Love” category will start with phrases such as “Dearest pal” and “To my generous friend.” etc.

Since I am happily single, I sent a cute message to myself. I love myself! :)

Website Insures Against Valentine's Day Heartbreak

Check Your Mate

Valentine’s Day is traditionally full of romance and acts of affection. Early detection of some cancers doesn’t seem to fit into this equation but it can and it can be fun! Partners can take this opportunity to get to know each other’s bodies and detect any irregularities that could be the first signs of cancer. Not very romantic stuff, huh? Prevent Cancer begs to differ. What’s more romantic than saving your partner’s life by detecting cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage? The Prevent Cancer Foundation is encouraging all couples to “Feel the Love and Check Your Mate” this Valentine’s Day and all year round. 

The Subtle Truths Behind Valentine’s Day

Redditor, who goes by the moniker Slddngwhtgrs, has made a set of Valentine’s Day messages that could be seen as sad or somewhat creepy.  In short and simple messages, Slddngwhtgrs’ crude humor reveals the truth behind Valentine's Day. 

Adorable Literary Valentines Inspired By Famous Authors

Adam Ellis on Buzzfeed has created a set of “Literary Valentines” that pay homage to our favorite writers. Allusive in nature, each Valentine refers to a well-known work of each writer—after all, who can forget Rowling’s Harry Potter series or Tolkien’s Lord of The Rings? View the rest of this animated collection below. 

J.K. Rowling 

These Cheeky Valentines Will Remind You That Being Single Can Be Fun

Valentine’s Day may be a celebration for couples, but this does not mean that singletons cannot have their share of fun.  In these valentines, Jen Lewis of Buzzfeed shows that being single is great—not having to wear pants and gobbling down pizza are some of the perks. Scroll down to view these cheeky reminders—after all, it is always important to love yourself. 

Mind Blowing Valentine's Day Advertising & Marketing Campaigns From Around The World

Love, flowers, chocolate, cards and a lot more, this is the valentines season. Needless to say TV commercials, Print Advertisements and radio commercial are already doling out mushy mushy love tunes in the hope of turning some love-dovies to head for the nearest stores and surprise the beloved. Here's a look at a few heartwarming and powerful advertising campaigns from across the globe. Some are old. Some are new. But either way they are worth watching, re-watching and sharing.