Wednesday, 16 April 2014

24 People Who Applied for the World's Toughest Job Were In for Quite a Surprise.

The Boston agency Mullen posted a Fake job posting online for a "Director of Operations" position at a company called Rehtom Inc.

The below job requirements were also posted. 

• Standing up almost all the time
• Constantly exerting yourself
• Working from 135 to unlimited hours per week
• Degrees in medicine, finance and culinary arts necessary
• No vacations
• The work load goes up on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and other holidays
• No time to sleep
• Salary = $0

The job ad got 2.7 million impressions from paid ad placements but only 24 people inquired. The 24 applicants were interviewed via webcam. That’s when they got the surprise of their life. The video is worth watching all the way to the end.

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