Fat Can't Hide! Fitness Center Ads Where People Try To Hide Fats With Body Painting.

German, Hamburg-based advertising agency Kolle Rebbe has come up with a series of funny print advertisement for fitness center Kingdom of Sports entitled ‘Fat Can’t Hide’. The ads feature three obese men who have a fanny pack, a sack of cement and a lifesaver float painted over their midsections in hilariously unsuccessful attempts to hide their fats. The message is simple, “work it out, work it off” at the Kingdom of Sports. 

A small startup wants to make urban living better by controlling excessive horn use in cars

Indiscriminate honking is abuse. A brilliant start up called the Briefcase(www.brief-case.co) from Mumbai, India wants to make urban living better by controlling excessive horn use in cars. Designed by Anand Damani and Mayur Tekchandaney, Bleep is a red button with a frowning face near the steering wheel that’s rigged to the car in a way that it beeps repeatedly when you honk. To silence the button, you have to press it. They tested it on around 30 people of varied ages over a period of six months. By inserting a microchip, they were able to measure how much the individual honked before and after using Bleep. In every case, instances of honking came down by more than 60%.

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25 Mind Blowingly Creative Bus Stop Advertisements

A great way to gain exposure for your product or service is to advertise at bus stops. People have to wait until the bus arrives and do not have too much to do besides waiting. But also drivers and pedestrians get attracted by bus stop advertisements.

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