The World’s Biggest Hug

When Brazilian advertising agency Monumenta was approached about doing a campaign to raise awareness for the underage victims of sexual abuse, they knew they had to think big. Real big.

They knew that their Campanha Carinho de Verdade, or True Affection Campaign, needed to be something that could connect society at large with the thousands of children and teenagers affected by sexual abuse. They found the perfect expression of this idea in a hug. The project began with engaging local artists and celebrities to share their hugs, but they wanted to make an even bigger impact.

So they looked up. Way up. Towering over Rio de Janeiro, the statue of Christ the Redeemer stands as one of the seven wonders of the modern world. The agency decided to get the figure to give the world's biggest hug.

For two days, the floodlights that illuminate the monument were turned down while a complex animation was projected upon it, creating the illusion that the statue was closing his arms in a loving embrace. It was the hug felt around the world. And thanks to a campaign that tied the hugs the statue gave with participation on social media channels and websites, Monumenta ensured that news of the campaign spread like wildfire.

By the time the campaign ran its course, the agency succeeded in raising the visibility of this important subject with a huge audience, making a major impact without spending a ton of money. And it all began with one really big idea.

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