Is This The Most Interactive Print Ad Yet?

Using Lexus created technology called CinePrint, the ad comes to life only when you take an iPad and put it behind the printed ad in the October 15 issue of Sports Illustrated. A Lexus ES 2013 turns on its headlights, the engine revs, shows, the sky flashes, the car plays music and showcases its interior – all brought to life in print.This is a change from traditionally interactive ads which send you off somewhere else through the use of a QR code or a microsite for example and delivers the experience right there and then (with the aid of an iPad).

What does the end result look like? See what you think in the video above but we think it’s a great blend of analog and digital. Seeing a print ad come to life is really quite brilliant. There’s not one but two hashtags at the end, wonder which will be the most effective – #NewLexusES or #CinePrint.

 “The new ES proves what’s possible when advanced technology is elevated by style,” said Brian Smith, Lexus vice president of marketing. “This ad not only communicates that message, but literally replicates the paradigm itself, allowing us to bring an interactive layer to a traditionally static medium.”

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  1. Technology is developing at a fast pace, prints transforms the user's surroundings into an interactive world and allows them to talk to each other in real time in order to make decisions and decide on what to do!