Check Your Mate

Valentine’s Day is traditionally full of romance and acts of affection. Early detection of some cancers doesn’t seem to fit into this equation but it can and it can be fun! Partners can take this opportunity to get to know each other’s bodies and detect any irregularities that could be the first signs of cancer. Not very romantic stuff, huh? Prevent Cancer begs to differ. What’s more romantic than saving your partner’s life by detecting cancer at its earliest and most treatable stage? The Prevent Cancer Foundation is encouraging all couples to “Feel the Love and Check Your Mate” this Valentine’s Day and all year round. 

As with any self exam, talk to your health care professional immediately if any irregularities are detected. As a humorous and helpful reminder, share or send your loved one a fun e-card to remind them of how much you care and to “Check Your Mate.”

Breast Cancer 

Feel for abnormal lumps, tenderness or changes to breasts.

Skin Cancer 

Whether in bed, in the shower or anywhere you might find yourselves in the nude with your partner, take a few minutes to look for abnormal changes in your partner’s skin. The ABCDE rule is a quick and easy way to remember red flags for suspicious moles

Testicular Cancer
Feel for any abnormal lumps, tenderness or changes to the testes

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