Website Insures Against Valentine's Day Heartbreak

The annual celebration may be similarly referred to as Valentine’s Day the world over, but that doesn’t promise that the rules are going to be the same. In Japan, it is more culturally appropriate for the women to present men they fancy with a gift. 

While not receiving a present on V-day in most contexts is alright, it can apparently get quite stressful for a Japanese single man if he does not receive anything come the 14th of February. 

Capitalizing on this phenomenon is a Japanese website called Valentine-hoken. Here, Japanese men can apply for ‘insurance’ against the possible humiliation and embarrassment associated with not being admired by someone. 

Upon purchase of the 500 Yen (approximately US$6) Valentine’s Insurance policy, the company will gladly send their ‘insurance policy holders’ a Valentine’s day package containing the likes of chocolates and a personal message from ‘a beautiful lady.’ 

Do you think such an ‘insurance policy’ would make someone you know happy? 

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