It Is Really Awkward And Sweet When 20 Complete Strangers Kiss On Camera

Something beautiful happens when total strangers are asked to kiss. In the short film First Kiss, director Tatia Pilieva asks 20 daring individuals, who have never laid eyes on each other, to smooch before the camera. It's part of the new marketing campaign for clothing company Wren Studio. The participants, mostly friends of Pilieva and Wren CEO Melissa Coker, are dressed in clothes from the 2014 fall collection. The video delighted many millions with its awkward charm, seeing strangers paired off and working up the courage to kiss for the first time.

"They were chosen based on how they looked aesthetically together beforehand," says Coker. "No one knew who they would be paired with until they showed up at the studio. The only caveat was that we had to ensure they had never met before."

First Kiss is a clever social experiment in the awkwardness of intimacy, but it also evokes that long-forgotten teenage excitement of treading undiscovered territory. There are lots of awkward giggles, but perhaps most astonishing, is how easily a kiss creates a visceral bond between two people who barely know each other's names.

What Happens When 20 Indians Are Asked To Kiss On Camera? Pure Comedy Gold!

After the above social experiment by Tatia PIlieva went viral dozens of spoofs & inspired videos followed. But here's one video that beats them all.  What happens when you ask 20 'Indians' to kiss on camera for the first time. In addition to typical Indian responses & awkwardness, hilarity ensues. This comedy video by Torture Talkies is easily the funniest thing you'll ever see!

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