30 Mind Blowing Posters Against Travel Restrictions For HIV Affected People

Since the beginning of the HIV epidemic, governments and the private sector have implemented travel restrictions with regard to HIV positive people wishing to enter or remain in a country for a short stay (e.g. business, personal visits, tourism) or for longer periods (e.g. asylum, employment, immigration, refugee resettlement, or study). According to data collected by the European AIDS Treatment Group, a total of 74 countries have some form of HIV-specific travel restrictions, 12 of which ban HIV positive people from entering for any reason or length of time. The most common reasons used are to protect public health and to avoid possible costs associated with care, support and treatment of people living with HIV. 

Whatever the reason, HIV-related travel restrictions raise fundamental issues regarding the human rights of non-discrimination and freedom of movement of people living with HIV in today’s highly mobile world.  

Here are some Mind Blowing posters supporting the cause of Travel freedom for HIV affected people.

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