How to Get Your Resume Noticed

If you’re looking for a summer job or internship, join the club! You and several million other college students. To stand apart from the competition and make the most of the 10-15 seconds that Human Resources give most resumes, here are some tips for how to get your resume noticed.
Craft an opening statement. There’s a good chance your resume won’t be read word-for-word. Start with 2-3 lines that highlights your skills, greatest strengths, and philosophy. Hook ‘em and make them want to read on. They want to know what you can do for them. 
Keep it focused. Only list relevant work experience for the job you’re applying to. If you’re applying for a fashion internship, your stint delivering newspapers as a teenager shouldn’t make the cut. 
Tell them your results. If you were a secretary, don’t bore them with an obvious job description like, “Answered telephones in a professional and pleasant manner.” They’ll expect that. Tell them what you contribution was to the organization. They want to know your results! Use action-oriented words like “improved”, “clarified”, “developed”, or “implemented” so they can see the changes you instigated. 
Include relevant experience. If you have volunteer, real-life experience, or certifications that lends themselves to the job that you’re applying for, make sure you list it below. The same goes for classes you’ve taken in that realm. 
Use different color paper and font. First impressions count and you’ll be surprised how a thicker grade paper in a color other than white will garner extra attention. If you want your resume to stand out, ditch the basic black and go for a different shade instead, like navy blue, dark brown, or burgundy. Or, you can always print on pink paper and spray it in perfume. Hey, it worked for Elle Woods in Legally Blonde! (For the record, we’re totally joking about that last part.) How dramatic you go with your color and font will depend on the type of field you’re applying for. 

Get a resume t-shirt printed. If you’re targeting a creative field that is lenient with dress codes, getting a resume t-shirt print would make you stand out. 
Be cutting edge. This job seeker in France utilizes new technology with his resume with a CG Code on the back. While this might not work for the accounting industry, if you’re applying for a tech job, you’re sure to get noticed. Check it out. 

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