Woman's Day And The Changing Face Of Advertising for Women And Women In Advertising - Retro Picks

Advertising to women has changed irrevocably over the past five or six decades. These ads are a reflection of the time they were published, everything from the style, products, and terminology, highlighting how far things have come, particularly in the depiction of women in ads. 

Advertising has always been indicative of the times and lot of ads aimed at women in the 50s were outright sexist . In the 1950s – a time well before the sexual revolution of the 60s and 70s, sexism was not only tolerated, it was expected and actively encouraged, partly through chauvinistic print ads http://mindblowingresources.blogspot.in/2014/03/most-sexist-print-ads-from-50s-60s-70s.html. 

The early 60s were very much about mum doing the washing and making the meals, or looking after family. That started to change in the late 60s and you see the more liberated female coming out in the 70s. It’s a really good indication of the changing role of women and the status of women in society generally."

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