INT. Records Launches Dubai Record Label
International Rap recording artist and producer, Ben Rendèl, has launched INT. Records in Dubai and releases his new single “Yeah Yeah” on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and August 1st. Rendèl is the flagship artist of INT. Records, a record label, lifestyle and entertainment company.

“I’ve travelled a lot through my music and after being signed to a record label in Los Angeles I wanted to establish an international record label in an innovative country,” says Rendèl. “Dubai without doubt, made the most sense as a destination to be independent, as we felt - with its ‘stopover reputation’ meaning artists come through the city to perform for a day or two then leave, we needed to do more to build a music culture. Our aim is to become a strong arm of the music industry in this region of the world, bringing a stronger grassroots approach,” he adds.

Rendèl has partnered with Swiss entrepreneur, Nick Böhnlein, who is the general manager of INT. Records and acts as Rendèl’s manager. Böhnlein says: “We wanted to create a label where we can bring on new artists and provide their start in the music business. “We stand for global music, not local, which is what the INT. signifies for our brand.”

According to Rendèl INT. Records is pursuing the goal of producing hit records that land in the Billboard charts and bring some platinum plaques to the Emirates. “INT. Records is the next step in my career as an artist, producer and businessman,” says Rendèl. “I created the label to showcase great talent, refreshing music and ultimately create a new arm to the music business in Dubai. INT. Records has a collective of highly talented artists who share the same passion to represent on the worldwide stage.”

Ben Rendèl formerly known as 10Bennys is a recording artist, producer, songwriter and rapper born in Leeds, UK. His passion for music is deep rooted and his musical talent was nurtured from an early age, studying classical and jazz piano. Rendèl had a close influence in music through his older cousin Nicky ‘Dimples’ Reid, who wrote the song ‘I’m Sorry’ Monster Boy ft. Denzee, which is regarded by many as an all-time UK Garage classic. In 2008 Rendèl’s dream of becoming a hip-hop star became true when he acquired his first record deal with an LA-based indie label. Dropping out of university and chasing his dream, Rendèl moved to Los Angeles where he worked alongside industry icons such as Brian “BigBass” Gardener a Grammy Award-winning and nine-time Grammy nominated mastering engineer.