Looking forward into the future is good, but looking back might help us even more : Nitten Nair on Innovation, Inspiration and Indian Mythology

There have been many innovations, discoveries and concepts today that can actually trace back to ancient Indian mythology. The new developments need not actually have been directly related or inspired by Indian mythology but the coincidences are uncanny. In his talk, Nitten will capture your imagination as he draws out a few of these aspects and relates them to our modern day world. Inspiration is everywhere, the ability to see it depends on a shift in perspective.

Speaker Bio:

An Indian citizen born in Dubai, Nash did his early schooling in Dubai and later moved to India for his further education in 1999. He started his career in 2005 in the hospitality industry, working as a bartender at JW Marriott, Mumbai in India winning the Spirit to Serve Award from Marriott International, Washington DC in 2006. He then moved on to the fields of training, consulting, and even had a brief but productive stint in the real estate sector. In 2009, he was bitten by the entrepreneurial bug and started his own firm, Zephyr 2 Zenith Solutionz, and was very involved in the fields of Events Management, Hospitality Consulting, and Training and Development. 

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