18 Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

Although anti-smoking advertisements are probably the most overdone ads in the advertising industry, they are also probably the most creative ones too. However, no matter how creative these anti-smoking ads are, the question is whether they really do their job.

Women who smoke feed more than just milk to their children.
“Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,377. Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000.”

“Smoking can affect your sex life”

“Anti Smoking Art Competition”

“Cigarettes smoke people"
Everything you do affects your children

“World No Smoking Day.”

“Carry on taking rubbish in your mouth.”

“It’s called suicide because it’s your choice.”
“Smoking is the stupidest way to commit suicide. Quit Stupidity.”

The Breathers. “The First Non-Smoking Pub in UAE.”

Smoking is being a slave to tobacco

Smoking causes premature ageing 

Smoking affects your sex life

Loading Cancer

Save lives. Stub it out.

One hour of shesha smoking equals 200 cigarettes

Smokers make poor swimmers


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  2. wow some of them are really nasty- mindblowing. thanks for sharing them