Google doodles Independence Day India

India's national bird, the peacock, adorns the Google home page on India's Independence Day. The peacock curves its neck backwards to form the 'G' of the Google logo. The other letters of the Google logo appear in ornate styling behind the peacock's plume.

Google has been commemorating India's Independence Day with a doodle on its home page since 2003. Most of the Google doodles had the Indian national flag as the inspiration. But the 2011 and 2012 doodles used other national symbols in place of the Tricolour. Last year a sketch of Delhi's Red Fort took guard on the Google home page on 15th August. Three other countries share August 15 as their Independence Day - Bahrain, South Korea and Republic of the Congo. Google has posted an Independence Day doodle on its South Korean home page.
On August 15 Google has posted a different doodle on its home page for some countries in honour of American chef, author, and television personality Julia Child's 100th birthday. This year on January 26, India's 63rd Republic Day, Google's doodle showed National Bravery Award winning children riding on the backs of decorated elephants, quite like the actual parade on Rajpath, New Delhi, while the Google logo appeared as a rangoli-like motif in the background. 

On August 14, Pakistan's Independence Day, Google posted a doodle, imitating the style of Pakistan's famous truck art. This was the second time that Google doodled Pakistan's Independence Day. The first was in 2011.  During the recently concluded London Olympics Google posted a fresh doodle every day for 17 days, including four interactive doodles that let users play Olympic sports such as hurdles, basketball, slalom canoe and football.

Courtesy IBN


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